Where is Keh located? – How To Make Money Online Through Watching Videos

Keh is located in the Central District, right around the corner from the National Park’s entrance and right off the main street at 4th Avenue. Please check out the Google map of the Central District for directions to the park.

What’s the deal with the bathrooms?

The restrooms here actually have a separate entrance so you won’t have to wait around to get to your car. The park also has a great food court and a good playground. The only problem we found is that some of the stalls are covered in graffiti, but it is very easy to get those removed.

If you are parking a car on private property, make sure to note that there are signs up on the street to tell you where everyone goes. Some people like to park in the street itself with their cars hidden and others don’t mind sharing. Either way, there are parking lots that are very close.

Is there public transport to Keh?

Yes. Keh has public transport to Rijeka Airport and two bus lines are running during peak times.

Do you have to pay to park?

Yes there is a ticket kiosk in the park. However, parking doesn’t cost you anything. So if you need a car to park at Keh, it can be rented for 15 euros before the first bus arrives. If you don’t plan on going on a long drive or don’t have time, there is an option to rent your own car. Keh has plenty of free parking and there are lots of free buses in the area too. If you have a short trip coming up that weekend, you can probably make it to Keh on foot, walking or renting your car.

Can I book a cab?

Cab fare can be bought at the kiosks in the park. I have booked a cab to go from the station near Keh to my hotel so that I can use Keh for the night.

What day will the Grand Prix start?

The Grand Prix will start on Saturday. If you are not driving from the airport, it probably won’t be the best time to go at all.

What is the route from the airport to Keh?

Keh station is located 1.5 hours by public transport in the airport. Take a cab from the airport or the metro and get off at the central railway station (Mecakci) and go to the park near the railway station.

Is there enough parking

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