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We are a big fan of people in all their quirky glory so we’d love to know where you are in the world to photograph! Click on the “Submit and Share” link at the top of your story and tell us a little something about yourself and the place you are in (or know) you’ll probably be selected.

When will people know they can buy pictures of me?

Our biggest goal is to have our pictures displayed in major bookshops, magazines etc. The process is the same as for the photos, as soon as we get to a certain number we want the first people to get a chance to buy the most outrageous image in the book – so we need to collect more orders than are put away in our bank vaults by the end of February.

The US government is poised to cut the salaries of millions of civil servants, including a group of civil servants at the Central Intelligence Agency but also thousands of CIA employees abroad, according to the Washington Post.

Officials plan to make substantial reductions to the US government’s workforce, including CIA employees in the US and those in other Western countries, and cut their salaries by more than a third, starting from mid-September, according to the Post.

Ava Cowan - Flex Magazine Shoot - June 2011 - YouTube
The reductions would “impact all services, including those conducted by CIA employees abroad,” the paper said citing “senior U.S. officials.” The cuts would be in the billions of dollars, even in light of the fact that budget projections are for a $54 billion deficit.

However, according to the “senior CIA officials” cited in the Post, the cuts would take the CIA workforce down from its current level of about 800,000 employees to about 400,000 employees by the end of February.

The CIA would seek to save $12 billion over 10 years by making some of these cuts, according to the paper’s report. At the same time, the CIA, which is the subject of a wide array of congressional probes, would attempt to save $7.1 billion in total.

The CIA’s foreign workforce of roughly 1,000,000 is being cut by between $4.5 billion and $7.2 billion, according to a recent report by the House Intelligence Committee. The CIA is accused by some lawmakers of improperly spying on foreign leaders without obtaining permission or legal authority, and even of spying on U.S. citizens overseas.

A US official, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed the report, with the official citing the

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