What’s the catch with FreePrints?

Not only a great program, it’s FREE, meaning you don’t have to pay anything when you print a book or magazine. You can try FreePrints and have every title at no charge, or even have a free trial and take your chosen free titles forever.

Why the name FreePrints?

Free. Just for fun. Why did we choose FreePrints? You might think the name FreePrints was the name of the program or the website, however those are just aliases. Our real name is – it’s just a catchy URL so our users can easily get to the site quickly.

Who created FreePrints?

We started FreePrints, Inc., in 2010 – but not for one specific project. Instead, one of our designers, Mark McEwen, created FreePrints to showcase his art on a massive scale. He realized that, without the ability to create and sell print items, the community he built was more powerful. FreePrints has grown into a worldwide community of creative businesses that share design knowledge, help each other and sell creative products online.

How does it work?

You sign up by registering your website or blog with FreePrints. The simple setup process allows you to create a free account, set prices for your books, magazines, and catalogs (and set your pricing when you’re done) or upload your own custom designs. In addition to everything on this page, you also need a credit card. And if you use PayPal, you can use the PayPal service to send and accept payments. So whether you’re a business or just a fan of designs, you can get your designs online with FreePrints for free.

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What’s the best version?

There are two versions of FreePrints. The free version: a fully functional website featuring all your designs. Once you register, you get unlimited access to FreePrints as a website, as well as 10 books per month for personal use. The pricing you choose is completely up to you. Once you’ve registered, you can also choose from monthly or yearly passes, which give you access to the site and books a full year for as little as $5.

The premium version with a membership: you get everything you get with the free version, plus an additional 25% off if you sign up at least once. The more you spend, the more you get. You can use any credit card you like, and the