What makes a good stock photo? – How Google Photos Make Money

Well, for one thing, the image is free of artifacts. A photograph made by a professional photographer with fine detail can often have artifacts as part of the process.

It’s also easy to see, on a regular basis, that the subject you’re looking at is not static.

To give you an example:

If you’re reading a profile or a newspaper article about, say, a new CEO of a major tech company, they’re not going to ask you to “look at the new CEO.”

They’re not going to ask you to look at a shot of the CEO in bed with a lover.

They’re not going to ask you to look at the newly hired executive team (i.e., their team) having a great meeting to discuss their latest product.

What they’re going to ask you to do is to look at images from their previous job, and compare each with their current job, so you become able to tell whether this guy has the same drive, ambition, and vision they did prior to coming to their current work.

I recently read a story describing a successful tech executive who was once asked to take a look at some photographs of other successful tech executives.

The interviewer asked him point blank “I’m sorry, but how come there are no women or minorities in your photo?”

His response: “I’ve been asking for diversity since 1987.”

Yes, that’s right: one year after he first became a high-powered executive, the tech executive started asking for racial diversity in tech. This was not a one-off incident.

Over time, the tech executive started asking for diversity with his interviews as well, and over time, he started asking for different kinds of diversity.

And that’s what it takes to create a great image. When you are able to ask questions that elicit honest, sincere responses from the people you are interviewing, they will become a part of the fabric of your workplace.

As a result, the good things about your company and your hiring process become much more evident.

I’m not saying this to say there’s no such thing as “bad photography.” I’m also not saying that only the top dogs have awesome images. There are a million things that you could be doing wrong, but your images will likely be better than any of the bad things if you keep your mind open to new ideas.

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