What is the job of a graphic designer? – Foap Missions

A graphic designer is responsible for designing artwork for any site that we can create using our CAD systems. Typically, we design graphics, logos, user interfaces, and other web assets for websites around the world.

What is a website designer?

A website designer is a specialist in web design, with a bachelor’s degree or higher. This may include a combination of a degree with a master’s degree and a diploma in website design, as well as specialisation in multimedia design or related areas.

Do I need to have a specific degree to become a website designer?

Yes, this is important if you want to work as a freelance designer. This is because you need a skillset that has been built up over a long period of time. You also need to have a good general knowledge of graphic design so that you can learn to create the projects as quickly as possible.

Are you responsible for ensuring the overall quality of a website?

Yes, if your website design needs to be made perfect you will need to ensure that the design meets the standard that is demanded by the clients. Once these requirements are met, you will then move onto creating the site and then the content.

Are there certain types of jobs you will do differently in the job you will do in a graphic designer?

The job of a website designer is a bit different depending on the type of job that you are in. Some roles are more similar to that of an IT/IT admin/IT development developer. Other roles are more similar to that of a graphic designer and other roles are quite different in this respect.

Some of the jobs that we do as web designers include:

Logo design

Website graphics design

Design and development of web applications and mobile websites.

What kinds of designs do you create? How do you create a website?

Our main role is to develop and optimise projects for the client. Our role is to work with the client to bring the project to life. This involves, firstly, putting the website together. This is the process that involves having the website created for you as well as the web developers who will help create the site for you. The project management involves the website being made available online as well as the web developers to take control over the content and develop the website for you.

Some of the projects that we create include:

Portfolio websites for our clients

Designs for advertising websites


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