What is photo retouching in Photoshop?

It involves taking a picture or video and using the layers in a variety of ways including:

Adding transparency to an object or object’s background

Modifying an object’s color

Changing a color in an object’s texture

Changing a background color into a different color

Adding depth to an image

Creating a textured surface

Adding depth to a photo

You can download a set of presets from Photoshop’s website:

Once you’ve made your image, click through the preset menu and you can use the settings to tweak it until you’re satisfied. If your image has too much noise in it, for example, you might be able to use the “High-Contrast” setting to “darken the image” and see if that helps cut down on that noise. For more advanced photo retouching, such as creating a matte mask (a texture mask) or using image manipulation tools such as sharpening, you can’t do much on the level of this new tool in Photoshop. That’s an area where photo retouching is becoming more and more important.

More about this new Photoshop tool:

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If you’re a photo retoucher, please take a look at the photos and videos I used in this blog post and share your thoughts.

From Dwarf Fortress Wiki

This article is about an older version of DF.

More Info

The map is based on the map found in the first edition version of the book Dungeon Landscapes by the author Robert J. Sawyer.

A map is a simple collection of tiles which are arranged into a grid.

edit] Features

When placed, the tiles are ordered into the same sort (column-wise and row-wise respectively). They are also ordered in order of their distance from a corner. So, the tiles closest to the corner are arranged first on their top row, and those on their adjacent sides are in alphabetical order (first row, second line from left side). The corners are also ordered relative to the other tiles in the same direction, which are then sorted like this:

Danger: Distance from corner 1 Danger: Distance from corner 4 Danger: Distance from corner 8 Dangerous: Distance from corner 16 Dangerous: Distance from corner

Each column is a set of tiles that are separated by a tile with the same name, and each row is a set of tiles and one tile