What is needed to start a photography studio?

• Professional equipment: light meter, camera, camera tripod, film reels, filters, background and props

• Location: an available location (e.g. backyard)

• Equipment: your camera, lens, lenses

• Fundamentals: planning and setting up, shooting in a controlled environment

• Practice and learning: experimenting with different lighting, settings, light conditions, composition, and creative technique

• Fundamentals: camera and processing, film and editing

• Skills: editing, post-production, cinematography, colour management, and more

• Learn to collaborate: having the right skills and knowledge in hand

I need to make two films:

A documentary to feature:

A young couple who live on the island of New York.

After a year, they are engaged to be married. They have a little girl who is just beginning to look out for herself while the couple lives off the island with a couple named “The Bachelors”. When they are given the news that the bride is pregnant they are shocked by what they are told. Not only have they missed their chance to be married, they’ve lost out on their chance of having the little girl. It’s their only chance and you might just be the only one to hear about it. So after being asked to go out and meet people who have never been told of their daughter’s existence, they go down to the beach… To tell their story.

After a year. Their baby girl is born and has had two years to grow into a beautiful baby. Then she has to be re-homed to her biological family who she has never known.

With the film to be produced, their story must be told. To achieve that they have to meet and record a number of people who live on the island who can add to the story, their own story should be in-depth.

We have been working on this project for almost three years including shooting on the Island of Rockaways, Long Island, and New York City as well as shooting in a number of states and countries outside the U.S. and Europe, including: The Bahamas, Brazil, Cuba, France, Indonesia, Jamaica, Mexico, Mexico City, Panama, and the United Arab Emirates. We would like to include a number of locations and locations that are not yet accessible to the general public such as: in the desert, underwater, in a forest, deep ocean, or high rise