What is needed to start a photography studio?

If you’re selling or trading your photography business, there is no need to hire a professional to run it all for you. I could give you some tips on how to set up your studio and setup yourself as an independent photographer.

If you are still running an independent photography business, as one step you need to:

have a professional to manage all of your sales and payments

set up an easy to use email and online communication system for customers and for yourself

develop your portfolio on portfolio sites like Behance, Flickr, Behance Stock, or B&H.

If all else fails, and you are a hobbyist photographer, I recommend visiting an online marketplace to find some photography work. You’ll learn a lot from being a marketer and buying stock.

The Basics of Selling Your Photography Business

Let’s get started! If you’re not a professional or are just an amateur photographer, what are the basic steps you should take to start a business?

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Step 1: Make some contact with people and set up personal meetings with them.

Step 2: Send them your portfolio or portfolio page, and ask for feedback on what they consider your best work.

Step 3: If they like your work, offer to send them a commission on it (no fees).

Step 4: If they agree, ask to set up a meeting to trade some of your portfolio/s for a product or service.

Step 5: Go out and sell that product to someone. If you need business ideas about that, I have got some in this post (for more, see this tutorial).

What you might not know is that you already have a website and can simply add an account to it (or just send them an email and call you). This is another tool you have. You can make your own portfolio page that people will visit to find out about you and your photography practice.

Step 6: You’re probably already doing sales. You will need to be, though. Don’t do a traditional email only pitch like an agency does. Ask for some sort of sales presentation to give to your prospective customers.

Step 7: Once you think you have enough sales to make a business, move onto your next step and start setting up your online store/website.

Here are some examples of what you can do to make your web site look professional and professional-looking. Click the images to view bigger.

What’s Next