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Creative retouching refers to the application of specialized digital imaging technology to digital photographs to remove certain skin textures for a particular cosmetic or aesthetic effect. It is usually applied by the artist, who is a trained professional retoucher. It often takes on the function of a post-production process whereby the retouch artist makes corrections or alterations in the digital images at different scales and resolutions.

In the most basic sense, however, it is the application of retouching technologies such as the Photoshop ® and Adobe® Photoshop ® tools.

What should you watch out for in a retouching job?

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If your job requires retouching in a highly sophisticated fashion, you may be working with specially equipped professional retouching systems for the highest quality and accuracy in both size and detail. When retouching an image to remove any skin texture, keep in mind that the retouch artist can do anything that he desires. He may use a combination of manual or manual-digital retouching techniques and, in some cases, he may even use techniques such as surface enhancement, blending and distortion to achieve the desired results.

When selecting a retouching program for your work, take a quick and unbiased look at the professional retouching facilities of each company. A good way to gauge the quality of the retouching program is to test it on a single image that you plan to retouch on a specific subject. If anything looks out of the ordinary, you have probably created a project that requires professional retouching.

You should also look for references to other types of retouching which are also done for the purpose of cosmetic alterations. For example, if a photo is retouched to add a slight color cast to the skin, you should also make sure that the exact colorcast is used on all other portions of the image.

Does it matter to the artist how I identify my subject?

Yes. When you retouch an image to remove any skin texture, make sure that you are sure that you are doing it on a subject you know. When dealing with large sets of digitally photographed or scanned photos, it is likely that the retouch is not unique to the original image from which you have selected. Sometimes, you are dealing with a photo created on the basis of a certain filter and image combination. It is important that you are certain about what you are doing without the necessity of having to retouch the specific images individually if you want to preserve the individual aspects of

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