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This question came to me while scrolling through my photo collections and the thousands of pictures I’ve taken.

I know what I saw: I’m surrounded by digital photos, and it doesn’t stop. Digital photography is a modern phenomenon. The first digital cameras and printers were made in the late 70`s. By now, digital photography is in constant production, and digital images can take up millions, and in some cases hundreds or thousands of megapixels.

Here are three reasons why I still take photographs:

1. Creative

One, I like taking pictures. If something is interesting to me, I shoot it! I like the visual feel I get by choosing photos that capture the essence of something I’m interested in.

2. Storage

I have several computers, and many gigabytes of space to edit them. One day, I’ll get around to digitizing my photos and turning them digitally. I’m also excited about the idea of bringing my photos onto the new iPad version of “Sticky Notes.”

3. Learning

I have a strong affinity for photography as a discipline, and photography continues to help me reflect on my world. I plan to share a few photos I took of my wife and kids some day soon!

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HONG KONG—China’s military on Thursday launched the world’s most sophisticated anti-missile system, prompting fears that it will allow Beijing to rapidly launch a retaliatory strike on North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.

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The launch is a remarkable achievement for the People’s Liberation Army, a Chinese military that historically has played down its conventional strength. But the weapon, deployed to an airstrip near the northeastern port city of Dalian, represents a more rapid advance than its predecessor, the DF-20D, which was deployed in 2014.

This is the first time that China has deployed an antimissile system on a permanent basis in the western seas, while its two older antimissile stations in the east are only scheduled for replacement within the next 20 years. The missile is mounted on a missile transporter erector launcher designed to carry up to four nuclear-ready missiles.

But this is the first time that China has ever deployed such a missile. In the past, Beijing has tended to rely on conventional defenses to safeguard its interests in the East China Sea and South China Sea. While the country has been testing

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