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In cases of copyright, when you use a watermark on a photo, all other users are not permitted to use the image.

What should I do if I don’t want the watermark showing on my photos?

To avoid the appearance of any infringement on the owner’s rights under law, please do not make watermarking on any of your photos. If you do choose to use a watermark, please do not use it in any form or by any means that would lead to possible negative legal attention for the owner or creators of the image. Please also be aware that while watermarking on a photo may give the right holder an opportunity to take legal action against unauthorized use, that process is not without the possibility of delay and failure to obtain court approval or approval of an existing use, which may cause a delay or invalidity to the mark on the image, which would harm the marks’ value and value based on reputation.

What about my copyright to the image?

You may have the legal right to the image as a matter of law in some situations, but in all other cases your rights in this area are limited by copyright law and the fair use doctrine. See our Copyright section for a summary overview.

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Fasting and reduced appetite are characteristic of patients with IBS. This study examined the effect of ketogenic diets and high-fat diets on the symptoms and clinical features of IBS.

A single-blind study randomized 70 patients with IBS to receive a ketogenic diet (3.8 g fat per kg of body weight), a high-fat dietary intervention (9.9 g fat per kg of body weight), or a control diet (4.2 g fat per kg of body weight). All patients received 2 weeks of a 2-wk baseline period, and a final 2-wk period was administered once the first period had occurred (after a median of 2 years of follow-up). At baseline and at a minimum of 2 years follow-up, the patients were assessed by a 3 x 3 factorial design to establish the clinical features of IBS.

In IBS patients, reduced appetite, abdominal distention, pain

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