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Photoshop was originally billed as “Photoshop for Everyone”. It has been an essential part of my career since I learned how to use it. And when I say important, I mean important for someone without a background in software.

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The way they described the original Photoshop was about:

“Photoshop to everyone.”

So why would some people not want to use it? Well, the new and current version is quite different. There is an additional user interface to get things done quickly, but that’s about it. In fact, I didn’t even consider it at first. I thought, “That’s not new. It is still the version I use.”

But here’s what happened. Some Photoshop users started showing up in my Slack chat, saying “hey I want some of these cool features.” That included things like exporting images to Google Docs, a feature that was previously only available on Pro and Enterprise (it works just like in Photoshop). So I decided to put some extra effort into working with the new version. Because of the extra time I put here, I got to know some other Photoshop users, especially people who are already in their mid to late-twenties. So I learned a lot of things about Photoshop, a lot that many people may not have learned even if they knew their way around a Mac.

The key to the new version is the new interface. It features a lot of new features but it also comes with some big changes:

• When using images that have been imported, you can now select multiple images and zoom all of them at the same time.

• The undo window has a new “Save In Place” option. You can now “Save” your work and restore it at any time. The current version saves your work the first time it gets loaded (if you have multiple copies of the work) and then saves it over again the next time it is loaded (if you have multiple copies of the work, but if you have two copies and two or more versions of the same image, they are saved separately).

• It offers a lot more useful tools like:

• A tool for making smooth shapes.

• A tool for importing color data and color adjustments.

• A way to export an image with only the colors of the layers loaded.

• A new way to select layers and layers in Photoshop (this is a feature that is exclusive to Pro).

• A lot more new

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