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You have to ask and answer that questions, like any business. No doubt about it I can answer that question, you will see, if I had the time, I would.

This leads to the next reason, photography has always been my passion and all business is passion too! You have to be passionate about what you do, or you will not survive. When you don’t have love for what you do then you will be burned out and I am not suggesting you burn out. I am saying that you must love photography until your soul wants to scream and when your soul says “I WANT TO KILL ME”, it will come and you will have to live with the consequences! If you don’t love your work you will be burnt out.

This is why I am in this business.

If you are tired of losing money then you don’t have the passion and discipline to learn and become strong to survive in the industry you want. So do yourself a favour and stop the burning out and go ahead, don’t tell me how it is, but come to me. I’m in this for you, to be in this business for as long as you want but only you can know what really makes this a lifestyle I have become so passionate about to the point that I am now burning out to pay back as much money I have.

This is no time for a farewell or farewell tour.

No, no you do not even stop what you are doing, you just start moving on to the next step. Take a break.

You must know what your passion is all about before you are going to go and start taking it seriously with people and start taking the time that it takes to build a strong organization to support and grow a great professional organization.

The business just got done and people are still talking and saying “I wish I had known about this a little earlier,” “I wish a lot of other people had known I was in this before me” “this is great business and I love it so much.”

Let me ask you something, if all of that was true for you, why would you even need to try and start a business again?

I have worked at three other photography companies with some of the best people in the industry and no way do I take that back! I would never put anybody or anything above my heart or my business. My heart is a beautiful thing on its own, but it will only last for a limited time.

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