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This question gets asked almost every day by photographers around the world. The idea is that photography doesn’t need to be expensive. While that’s all well and good, is your business worth the investment?

I always like to answer it with, “I don’t know” when asked that question. It’s a way of stating that I am not going to say “yes” or “no” to that specific question. I just am not sure.

So, let’s get to the question! If shooting with a telephoto lens is not essential to your personal style of photography, why do millions of people make the leap to the camera with a telephoto lens?

Here’s my theory:

1. They are curious

Some might question why someone would ask about these things but I will never ever deny there’s a human desire for new ideas. You just never know how new ideas will come across, and what new things could be discovered in your own life if you tried them out and were successful.

My theory on that is, it’s curiosity. People are always ready to learn. Maybe the biggest reason for my jump towards telephoto lenses is because I wanted an alternative or a “less camera” option. I thought it would help me be able to work quickly and easily as well as being capable of having a bit of depth of field.

2. They are just too damn fast

It’s hard to say no when seeing something so fast and moving and yet slow. I can’t think of any reason that a telephoto lens isn’t faster, and the fact that it is faster than most digital DSLRs and most point and shoot cameras (even the Fuji XT1/3 series) is no surprise. Telephoto is a fast focal length that you can shoot at an angle. Even with a camera of lesser quality you have to be looking for that special angle to get the best out of your work.

So, why would someone spend $1k on this amazing new gadget? Because they aren’t worried about having to buy a new camera? They are the kind of people who get out and shoot in the streets in the summer when they want that great light! There’s no sense in buying the $200, if it’s not used.

If you look at other sports, it might get back to the basics that they use when they shoot.

3. They don’t get embarrassed

Telephoto lenses, like many other cameras,

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