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A recent study found that over 90 percent of photographers are working in jobs with annual income less than $20,000. The study also found that fewer than 3 percent of journalists were working as freelancers. With a growing number of photographers in the ranks of journalists on the decline, photographers have found themselves in a precarious employment relationship.

Is it possible to survive photographing a client’s wedding?

“I would not really have any advice based on this, but I would say that if you have an amazing idea and you’re excited enough, go ahead and shoot. You don’t have to pay your rent.”

But if the client isn’t paying you, what can you do?

“I’m not a professional photographer, and it wasn’t my intention to be. I feel like if I can just create a connection with somebody through photography, and that’s enough for me.”

What advice would you give a fellow photographer, freelancer, or just anyone wanting to start a business?

“You need to be happy.”

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The next time someone in the U.S. asks you to identify a foreign-policy figure, give an answer that is at least as impressive as one about yourself, a recent study concluded.

Only three percent of Americans knew which American president Donald Trump was and who won the recent election. By comparison, in the 1960s, two-thirds or more of all answers to the question were positive.

The researchers conducted the study on “people in the United States with either no foreign knowledge or minimal knowledge of foreign affairs.”

“When we did the ‘identification puzzle’ experiment, people were asked what name to think of in the top drawer of a desk in the room,” said Mark Rozell, a professor of politics and global affairs at Rutgers University who took part in the study, which was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

“Three-quarters of respondents said Barack Obama. Just 3-in-10 picked John Kerry. When we did a second puzzle, people were asked how they would have phrased the question. Six of the seven named George W. Bush. Just 1-in-8 people said Jimmy Carter.”

The study followed “a spate of polls that have shown this president to be in the lead in the first six weeks of his presidency, with Trump well behind Hillary Clinton, and an

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