Is it worth selling photos on Shutterstock? – How Many Videos Do You Need To Make Money On Youtube

Why or why not?

When it comes to digital photography, the answer is that “yes, but not very often.”

In the U.S., there is one company that makes digital pictures in the likeness of celebrities and you can even purchase them on

But these companies all have their own sets of problems. So why do photographers do it, and why do they still do so many?

“You see a lot on Pinterest of people showing people pictures of their own work,” says Chris Grosz, author of The Photographers’ Code. “I have seen it for over a decade. The vast majority of photographers don’t even realize what an easy way to connect with their customers is by showing them their own work.”

When you look at how the photographers connect on Pinterest, it all starts with their own images. As it turns out, many can connect directly on Pinterest with people all over the world, including people in the U.S. and in Europe.

So with that in mind, here are seven photographers you should know.
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1. Joe Kranz

If you’ve ever been stuck in a city or a bus station, or even in a car during rush hour, you probably have noticed the same thing: the people staring at your picture.

Those who are most likely to look at your work also tend to look the most curious. “The photographer knows how to turn those eyes on others to help communicate a visual message,” says Grosz. “He knows that when we turn our gaze to someone, it’s a way of asking ‘who am I?’ The photographer’s images can act as a simple way to talk about you — which you can take away with you and sell later on the Internet.”

2. John Kuntz

Many photographers are so busy with the daily grind that they miss out on the moments that they see on Pinterest. So John Kuntz decided to capture these moments, and use them to sell. Kuntz created one of the most popular photo blogs, but it is also the only one you can buy from

Kuntz believes that what makes his job so fascinating is that you can “not only see my own work, you can help me see yours.” (He has also taken hundreds of pictures showing just how often he shoots.) “You are my business partner and the photographer I work for,” Kuntz says. “There is no one

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