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And what kind of photographer is it worth joining? That’s what we asked our social media followers, and we got some excellent responses.

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

So who is this man and what do you know about him? Our resident photographer Nick Kounis spent hours interviewing him, but he eventually decided that he couldn’t take the job seriously. Nick Kounis (the artist) has had a career in photography for more than 20 years; from college graduate to professional photographer working on international assignments, Nick began taking photographs for entertainment projects in the ’90s and has continued to do so today. When he became a professional, Nick was hired to shoot the wedding of actor and musician, Adam Sandler. It wasn’t for his expertise with the camera, but because he is a great photographer and the photos were so good that Sandler immediately called Nick up and asked for a “personal portrait” of him. Adam Sandler’s wedding is one of my all-time all-time favorite photos.

According to Nick, many people may not believe in the importance of photography, but he firmly believes that the art form can provide amazing images to people all over the world. If you want to follow your passion and want to be recognized in a professional fashion, photography might be perfect for you. Check out the gallery below:

A lot of people may have read about our “no tax return” policy recently.

They’ll say it was unfair or unfair to anyone to tax them — even though we could keep many of the benefits of higher taxes if we did.

I disagree, and I’ve been talking about it for many years — but to be honest I think a lot of those people are right.

Let me offer two arguments for why we should give the people some kind of “no tax return,” to save them from the pain of filing their taxes every year.

First, we should be honest with ourselves and admit that many taxpayers don’t pay much federal income tax, and that many other forms of income don’t pay very much. People with a large number of dependent children, say five or more children, are not at all a good group to be choosing among.

Second, if the government is serious about cutting tax rates and bringing in revenue, it needs to be honest about how much revenue it currently generates.

I know it’s a lot of talk, but it’s

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