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After getting started with Corel, I spent a day (over 50 hours) in our studio for about 4-weeks. We covered a lot of things (like the software and their licensing fees), and I met many great people along the way. I can’t recommend Corel enough.

How does Corel PaintShop do so well?

It’s the easiest 3D application for the novice 3D software artists. I could easily tell you that the user interface made Corel one of the most user-friendly 3D software packages. That is because a lot of things are intuitive, including finding objects in the scene (which you can do pretty quickly) and changing the object itself (so that it becomes bigger or smaller).

I got really good at painting landscapes because I didn’t have to look at any models or objects—just the real sky in the sky. Plus, Corel has a built-in object scanner, and it took my modeling skills to the next level.

What was your best lesson with Corel?

There have been many things. For example the “I can turn it all the way to a 3D layer” feature in 3D is awesome. But it’s also very useful when you’re making simple backgrounds. It makes it easy to create a background for a shot and to turn the camera all the way around. A great example of this is in Michael Bay’s movie Transformers. In the scene, one of the robots is looking around, going “Hey, what are those?” and “Oh, those were cars!” and “Oh, those are trucks…” you can turn the camera all the way around and get a clear shot… and if you really want to, the character can turn the car around and look around.

It also means you can do some incredibly detailed art. For example, you can give the sky to the character, make it glow, make the floor and car part from the same material, and give the background a different color. There are plenty of examples all over the Internet.

For the beginner, it’s great to have the software ready for them. This gives them a great introduction and a great base to move to. However, for the truly top-level artists, it’s a bit confusing, since it requires extensive use of the “Inventory” view (which is the tool that lets you “find” items in the “scene”). And once the “look and blend” tool shows up, it gets

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