How much do Shutterstock pay for photos?

We pay for all photos.

Can you share the price of your photos with clients?

No. We only sell a few of our full-resolution photos to other publishers.

What is the size of your stock image? As a rule of thumb, the larger your image, the more it will cost to publish it.

We currently use the following guidelines for our stock:

We have one of the largest and most vibrant stock images on the internet. They were designed for this site and look perfect in a mobile device and as print stock illustrations. They are extremely popular. There’s never been a better time to be an illustrator.

We also have a large stock image that you can embed within other articles. You can also use it as a standalone reference.

Our full-resolution stock images may well be the best in the world. If we published our full-resolution graphics, we would have to give them away for free, or charge an exorbitant amount. That’s not cool.

We have about 10 million daily users. Every other day many people download photos from our site and use them as reference images. Our users enjoy them immensely.

Have more questions about Shutterstock? We have a wealth of knowledge about Shutterstock and our service on our FAQ page. Please use those guidelines to ask your questions, rather than asking us direct questions in a Facebook or Twitter comment. We’re not here to answer these questions.

When will you begin selling artwork?

We are currently discussing our plans for expanding our image service over the coming months. Until then, we are only selling images for illustrative purposes at this time. If anything changes, you will be notified first.

Can you make artwork for other websites?

Yes. But you may incur licensing or royalty fees with our partners, as shown on their site.

We have a long history of making and promoting great original content, such as illustrations and animations. While we certainly love our illustration work, we wouldn’t make art for other people to sell. We have nothing to gain personally and everything to lose if someone else steals or redistributes our graphics. You should consider getting a graphics license from another illustrators, rather than licensing directly from Shutterstock.

How can I add a link to your website?

If you are planning to use our images in your work, the easiest way to provide a link is to link to the Flickr and Shutterstock images you are using. See