How much can I make on Shutterstock? – Upload Video And Earn Money In India

The best way to make money on this service is to use our “Share a Listing” or “Click to Buy” buttons. This makes it easy to share one or more listed listings, and you can even place a bid or ask a person to buy the listing in exchange for a commission. Each listing has a small “substantive value,” and as we have to calculate the entire listing fees, these values are determined by the listing prices when posted online. The most the service can offer you is 5% per listing sold, as the total listing fees total up to 25%.

How much do listings cost? How do I check and view listings?

Listings cost a small $1 fee for every listing that is listed. As a result, even very large and popular listings can be found for half the amount they usually are. Listings usually have 10-15 listings per page. Prices start at $0.99 for a 15-page list, $0.99 for an 1-page list, $1.99 for an ad list, or $4.99 for a “Click to Buy” listing.

How can I create a listing?

By clicking either “Add to Cart” or “Add to Listings” at the top of the page.

What format do my listing pages look like?

Most listings have the following template:

Ads Price Quantity Ad ID
Ad ID Buy Now