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When you think about the way we think about photography, you think about how many jobs each artist or photographer actually has, or at least has access to – maybe five or 10, and sometimes fewer. If you look at other fields, like design or animation, you see a similar distribution. And this holds true for the most part; even with the industry’s big players, it’s a relative minority of the workforce who would rather be anywhere but photography. There are some exceptions that are certainly worth considering, but really that should suffice for most everyone else.

What can you offer photography students that other industries can’t?

This is an interesting question, because you have a choice when you go to a photography school, and a lot of them have students that don’t have a choice. There can be some overlap in terms of the types of courses that students are taking, whether it be classes of 3D modeling, photography, video production, or web-related courses, which may include online courses and tutorials, but there are generally no requirements for the kind of courses you take. This is probably a good thing for students and faculty alike, because they know what they want out of a particular course and they can go as far as they want with it. The best thing students can do is go to classes they would like to take and be open-minded about what they take and what’s best for them.

I was recently talking to a student about whether he thought the best things for students of animation had to do with animation theory or with practical work. And he said that, at the very best, he wanted one that had both. And I had to think long and hard about whether or not that’s even possible. I didn’t go to animation classes when I was in college, because I didn’t need to know an art theory class with a professor who knew what he was doing. I needed to know how to do animation.

What is the relationship between being a good photographer and being a good photographer? How do you know if you’re good, and how do you know if you’re not?
the photographer who shoots a good image

There are several different ways of answering the question above, but some of the best, most comprehensive answers for me were provided by two of my own sources:

In addition to the above, I would like to give a shout-out to the Photography Institute, which runs a fantastic collection of photography courses. The website features a great deal of practical information

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