How do you copyright your photos?

Most photos are copyright-free but you need to give permission to the photographer to use an image, and there are some situations under which your permission might be needed if you are using the photos in a way not permitted by the photographer.

Can I use more than three people in a photo?

Yes if your photo is of three people, and if you have a separate agreement with that person or company. It is still worth the extra effort of doing the photo myself, and it is worth the added cost but you still have your money.

Can I use one photo from more than three people?

This is possible as long as you have given permission to the photographer to use the image you are using. You can then use multiple images from different people.

Can I use a copyright image from more than two people?

This is difficult but the key is if you are using more than three photos and have a separate agreement with more than two of these people, you can. You must give all of the people you have an appropriate reason for being able to use the image.

Can I use the same image on more than one website?

Yes, with some conditions.

Can I use one photo from more than two people as my profile picture?

Generally you can. Although it is not likely that you will get access to the photo from more than two people if you are an editor or if the image you are using is not likely to be used in connection with the article you are creating, at least you are getting full use of the photo you have chosen.

Can I use a photograph with a significant change in background colour?

This is possible for a variety of reasons, including for marketing use, photo editorial and for use in other non-commercial circumstances.

Can I use a picture from a wedding in my wedding calendar?

Only if you specifically grant permission to others to use any such images in weddings that are not related to the publication of any photographs that is part of the publication you are using.

For example if your photograph of our reception on the morning of our wedding day is used in an advertising campaign, it is OK, unless you have an existing arrangement with a wedding photographer or are using photos of the wedding but not on a wedding website that is a part of that campaign. You need to have a separate agreement with the photographer, so you have the right to ask for some compensation if the photographer has done anything to