How do you copyright your photos? – Shutterstock Login

If you are a model or photographer you have the freedom to edit any image for your own personal use without needing permission from the person in question or licensing the image under a royalty-free license.

If you wish to copyright your images, but not for commercial reproduction, you must contact the appropriate rights holder. You can email us at:


Do I need an artist license for photography?

Photography for hire should never require a special license – the license you apply for reflects your expectations of the type of work you will be undertaking.

Can I use photoshopped images?

Photoshopped images are not permitted. However, there are some circumstances in which it will be useful to correct those images if they can be removed. In these circumstances and where the image is used in a manner that’s deemed inappropriate, the licensee may be able to use and create derivative use of the image or remove it from circulation.

In general, as a photographer, it is not important that images of anyone’s genitals should appear in your photography. There should be a clear and understandable label on the top of the photograph that clearly says “Private Self Photography Only”.

To obtain a photoshop exemption from law, you can submit an application, and pay for a private consultation with an artist on their recommended template to change the image.

“I don’t have a car that I drive from my workplace to the office” ~ Bill Clinton

I remember sitting in a meeting with the President of the United States at the White House. They were talking about how they needed to get the unemployment rate down. He told us what his “three questions” for the day would be.

One of them was if we could put in place a program where anyone that’s not employed can receive unemployment benefits.

This had to be a way to lift up folks that got hit hard by the recession.

How did he know that? He said it because many of those people at the meeting weren’t “officially unemployed.” To which I said, “Well I guess you’re just saying it to make a point of it” and he said yes he was.

Here are my questions:

What are these people, at the bottom, doing that is not working? How many of them are living paycheck to paycheck or with their kids, with no hope to return to work as soon as they put their name back on it?

How far behind do people have

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