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Photographers tend to use several different methods for printing the prints from their cameras’ sensors. This is because of the different sizes of pixels on different sensor sizes.

The digital format and resolution of your sensors (or camera) can have a serious impact on the quality of prints you can make. You can save a lot of money by using sensors larger than the typical range for your cameras – which are typically 4,300 pixels (6,400 ppi), 5,600 pixels (7,200 ppi), 8,400 pixels (11,300 ppi), or even 12,600 pixels (13,200 ppi) – while still achieving decent black levels.

To show you how different systems are compared, here’s a table comparing the sensor sizes of your cameras:

Sensor size Size Resolution 6500×3200 5400 pixels 5,600 pixels 6300×4215 9,600 pixels 5,600 pixels 12,600×7,200 14,000 pixels 11,600 pixels 16,800×8,500 22,600 pixels 11,600 pixels 20,000×12,000 28,200 pixels 19,700 pixels 21,800 8,600×18,500 34,800 pixels 13,700

Each device uses a different method for printing the images, but all of us (with the exception of a few specialist brands) benefit from the ability to use an E-Series or a D800 with a high-resolution sensor like the Nikon Coolpix A or Sony a6300 or Sony a7100 – and most of us even benefit from a high level of image quality via the Canon D200, Canon EOS C100 Mark II, EOS C300 and Canon EOS C300 Mark II.

Image quality and resolution of cameras aren’t exactly the same though. For example, some cameras print at 8×10 and 15″ (12,000×20,000) pixels; some printers print at 7×9 and 22″ (12,000×26,000) pixels; some print at 15×22 and 21.2″ (13,000×30,000) pixels; and some print at 16×30 and 22.8″ (13,000×38,000) pixels.
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All of these different resolutions of pixels help make a huge difference in image quality – at least in the early stages of your digital photography career.

And while your best bet for getting great digital resolution on your cameras probably isn’t

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