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It is possible to start an online course on photography, it is easy to start with your pictures in your photo albums or online. This way, you will be ready to start selling your photos to everyone.

How can I sell my photos on various websites (e.g. Flickr)? If you want to sell your photos through other websites, you must decide which websites to post them to first. For example, if you are selling your pictures in a gallery, you are in no situation to post them using other websites. If you want to have your pictures published on a particular website such as DeviantArt, you need to contact that website. You will have to find out which specific site you want to promote your photos to and find a host to post your photos on.
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Why is my image not showing up for sale? Images that you upload onto the net are considered public domain. It means anyone can use them and share them with anyone else. It is not hard to believe: we all upload millions of images every day, and if someone doesn’t like the image because of their own fault, the public does not have any right to demand something from them. The reason you are not seeing your photos on Google Images or any other image share site is because you have not placed any restrictions on the images. So make sure you have a good reason for why you are not showing up for sale. If you think it’s because you didn’t submit photos to a website in time, try to put the time in to have them uploaded.

What is Creative Commons? Creative Commons is a free, worldwide license for licensed works, created by a free and open source community. They’re a form of Open Source License. By putting the CC license in the picture, you have shown you support your users, and you support the creative potential of the Creative Commons Free Software Foundation too.

What do I do if someone wants to use photos I’ve posted with my Facebook/Instagram/Twitter profile picture on their website or on their own website? Please ensure that your profile picture is not showing up on other websites and ask them to edit those pictures before sharing them. Remember that Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr and Twitter will send a DMCA takedown request when you try to upload your photos to any website with the Facebook/Instagram/Twitter profile pictures of yours.

How do I handle copyright issues around my photos? Since you are not claiming ownership or copyright of your photos, you can safely give the pictures out to

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