How do I start selling my photos? – Sell Photos And Earn Money Online

There’s a pretty good chance that you want to do this in your free time. That’s fine. The whole point is to sell images, so just take some photos and then share on Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Don’t worry about selling the images in full-frame. You can sell the thumbnail of the image as a full-frame picture after you upload it to Facebook or Twitter or some other social media site. But once you upload to Instagram or Snapchat, that’s where the real money is made.

If you’re doing your own selling, go buy your own equipment: You’ll have a hard time capturing a full-frame photo at an affordable price. You’ll probably find that you need more light of course, and the price of high-quality images will also vary widely based on the photographer and brand you use. You’ll have to pay a little more for a medium format camera like a Canon 5D, but that’s a fixed cost and you’ll probably get more mileage doing so. If you don’t have a Canon or Sony, you’re better off just doing your own stuff, but if you’re a fan of these brands and want to make more money out of it then you’ll want to consider these types of cameras.

That said, we all want to save some money and we all have different budgets with different things we might want to do with our photo shoots.

One of the biggest pitfalls with selling your photos is that your photos disappear when you sell. You lose control. You take the photos, sell them, leave them where they are, and then you delete them. Or you sell them without having any control over how they’ll look when you release them. You want to make sure you’re keeping control over the images that you take so that they’re not sold for a fee by someone else.

Don’t worry about doing the whole process yourself. That can be really frustrating if you take some time out of your work day.

For most of the selling I’ve done, I’ve simply set up an eBay account for my photos and let my friends and family know I was selling them. I then send them a link to a website. Once my photos had sold, I’d simply delete them from my accounts. It’s just that simple.
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Step 1: What photo equipment do I need?

First of all, you need a camera that supports the full resolution of the images you want to sell. If you’re using a DSLR or

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