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How do I sell to Adobe stock? Adobe Stock is a great place to sell your products in exchange for future payments when you sell your stock.

Acrobat and Publisher Product

In order to sell Acrobat and Publisher products you need to be able to ship and deliver product directly to Adobe Stock. Since Adobe has become well known over the years, they usually don’t require a license. The only time that they might require a license is when you sell to a major vendor.

In order to get your product shipped directly to Adobe stock you will need to set up a Direct Selling Agreement. You will need to follow our tutorial to set up a Direct Selling Agreement. Your Direct Selling Agreement will determine the method of payment for your product. You will need to set up your invoice via PayPal/eBay/etc. If you sell to a major vendor you will want to set up a Direct Selling Agreement with them.

If you can’t get the payment method you need in a Direct Selling Agreement, that’s when you start the process of selling to Adobe. They have the ability to accept any payment method for your products. You will have to do this on your Direct Selling Agreement if you sell to Adobe stock.

This is a big step and takes time to set up. If you aren’t good with computers you can’t get everything for free.

You will need to pay Adobe the first installment on sale of your product. That first installment will be a fee of $5.99 if you use PayPal, $11.99 if you use eBay, or $24.99 otherwise.

The first installment is only for direct sale. When you ship the product through a carrier it is also part of your Direct Selling Agreement. There is only a one week grace period when you can get your direct payment taken off your account.

The next installment after the first is a percentage of the remaining subscription and after that is $0.99 per day and $1.99 per month.

Your products must reach their final price for direct sale to be delivered to Adobe stock. If we don’t pay the invoice, how can I expect that my order will be delivered?

Adobe will only deliver your products to Adobe Stock on their own dime. This is true for most, if not all, of their products. This is why you can’t get everything for free. In order for your invoice to ship to Adobe stock, they have to see it as a direct sale before they process

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