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You can print your photos using a variety of print media including laser printers, copiers and printing plates. Choose your printing media to meet the needs of the product.

Our printers are designed such that you can make any print you want, but for best quality results use the latest printing technology to maximize the chances of getting the best print.

On Oct. 4, 2014, The Dallas Morning News published a story reporting that President Obama had personally approved the transfer of four prisoners to a facility in Qatar as part of a secret prisoner exchange with Israel. The information provided by the paper was later found to have a single error, and the State Department subsequently issued a correction.

The correction referred to a letter, authored by an unnamed “White House national security official,” that was intended to reassure the media that neither a prisoner transfer nor exchange of prisoners involving the U.S. was ever planned. That letter referred to a letter from the Treasury Department seeking legal approval for the transfer. The letter also referred to an upcoming “national security speech” in Washington by “President Obama” that would announce the transfer. “The release of prisoners in exchange for one man who remains a high ranking member of Al-Qaeda in Pakistan,” the letter concluded, “will be a big story this week.”

The original Oct. 4 article said that the four prisoners were to be transferred to Qatar and that the U.S. would seek a congressional declaration of war by the United States in order for the transfer to be lawful.

The State Department quickly corrected the story on Oct. 4 by clarifying that it had authorized the transfer in August 2012. A spokeswoman explained that the White House did not authorize the transfer. “The President’s letter did not call for a specific action. He simply directed [Treasury] to go to work in drafting what was to become the legal opinion,” spokeswoman Marie Harf said.

The Times story attributed to the anonymous “White House official” was based on an article by Adam Entous, the Associated Press’s White House reporter, on Oct. 4 based on a transcript of a closed-door briefing from the Treasury Department. The article appeared on an Internet news source, but the article was not made available until several hours after the story was published online.

The corrections to The Dallas Morning News article and to the Times story have been widely reported on, and the errors in the corrections have not altered the basic facts. Although several news organizations were contacted for comment on these corrections, none of

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