How do I print photographs? – Adobe Stock Sell Photos

Printed photographs are available in JPEG (8.5 MB), JPEG2 (16.1 MB), and RAW (50.5 MB). All other files are saved as TIFF.

In some cases, you may require the high-quality high-resolution version of an image that uses JPEG file format.

What does high resolution mean?

High Resolution Photographs means that images are not scaled. You can see more detail in this version of the image.

Can I buy prints of a photograph?

Yes! Prints of a photograph are available as individual prints or prints as a set of six or 12 prints. You can order six prints of a photograph for $150.00 plus shipping and handling. Please select a six-frame print when clicking the Order button above.

What does it mean how many images are in the set?

A six-frame print of a photograph consists of 6 images: the full-sized photograph, an enlargement of the full-sized photograph, and the remaining enlargements of the remaining three photographs. Two of the images are also used for an artistic effect on the frame, and one is used as a “shadow fill” fill that covers the entire background.

There are three sizes of six-frame prints offered:

Standard Print: The most common size. This will provide you with 1.9 megapixel (MP) or 2.3 megapixel (Mp) files.

Expert Print: The most detailed print made from the original photograph. This will provide you with up to 3.2 mp (Mp) files.

Print at 100: A more advanced print that comes with a full color print as well as the three enlargements of the original photograph. The color print will provide you with 400 ppi (PPi) at 100 dpi (dots per inch). 100 ppi is equivalent to 1,000,000.00 pixels.

Why does my print include an enlargement of the full-sized photograph?

Many individuals will appreciate having the image magnified to help better understand it. That enlargement is used to bring out the details of the three-dimensional object.

The images in a print are created using Adobe RGB graphics processing software and then transformed to be fit into the JPEG JPEG image format.

What are the requirements for image transfer/printing?

It should be possible to transfer a single large image of a print to a printer utilizing

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