How do I print high quality photos from my iPhone? – Do Facebook Videos Make Money

Print images on high quality paper to avoid image degradation with your phone’s camera while you are taking photos on the road. There is a wide variety of high quality paper to choose from. Some of the most popular paper in the United States is Fuji Fine art paper which costs about $20 US per square inch. Other commonly used materials include matte clear paper, polycarbonates, and thick card stock. The paper itself can also be purchased using the in-store tool to print for about 10ยข. We suggest using a paper from a reputable paper supplier and using a paper or photo printer in the area as most stores are not equipped to print in color. Most large national chains offer a color printing option which can be used to color match images to an image on your device. For example a paper with a CMYK color gamut will produce a vibrant color print. Print images by using an automatic white balance setting, or in the case of a photo printer make sure your camera prints properly.

How do I transfer images to my phone from email?

Images on a computer can become lost in all those emails. With a digital camera you can upload images via email or a desktop image server. This service does not allow the recipient to preview the image. If you wish, you can email the file to the recipient to copy it to their phone using a service like Apple Messages, which may allow the recipient to download the file directly to their phone. Many people also prefer image sharing in social network sites such as eMule, Flickr, and Facebook. There are also some free services which allow sharing image files. There are also a few free services which allow you to view your images in your own browser on your computer or other computer when connected via a cable or USB port to your internet gateway. If you wish to download an image to your phone directly you may use an image editor such as Poser, Pixlr, and Google Cloud Print. Here are some more of the popular image upload services: Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop CS6


Gimp (Adobe Photoshop only)

Git 2.7

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Google Drive (Git 2.7)


BitTorrent (Photoshop)

BitTorrent Sync (Adobe Photoshop only)

The following photo sharing sites may help with image transfer:



Photobucket (Github)

Dropbox (Dropbox)


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