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KARACHI: With a view to providing better facilities for people with disabilities, the Sindh High Court today ordered the Sindh Education department to provide better accommodation in its government school for people with disabilities.
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On a petition filed by the Association for People with Disability (APD) seeking the setting up of a special classroom in the Sindh government school, senior advocate Hamid Siddiqui, appearing for the petitioner, told the court that the government school is located on a public road, which is not accessible to the disabled.

The petitioner has contended that the special classroom is inadequate for the needs of the disabled, especially in view of its location and the fact that access to the restroom is only available in front of the court buildings and not at the main gate. He further pointed out that a wheelchair accessible restroom is also available from the road through which the petitioners are not permitted to go.

In his affidavit submitted with the petition, Siddiqui said the school provides accommodation in the form of a wheelchair entrance hall in front of the principal’s office.

When the petitioner raised the issue with the principal of the school, Siddiqui said, the principal did not even listen to him when he submitted the petition. The principal also said that there are two toilets in front of the building, but no accessible one, Siddiqui added.

Giving him the facilities for the disability-friendly class, Siddiqui said that the children can see the principal but not the teacher. The principal told him that the wheelchair entrance hall does not have a toilet nor do there are any wheelchair-accessible toilets, Siddiqui added.

Siddiqui said other than providing them a school building, the government school should also provide special seating in the classroom as it is not possible to provide separate seating. He also contended that the same is not the case for the child with autism.

The petitioner’s plea is aimed at finding out if the Sindh Education Department has set up its own wheelchair-accessible classroom at the school and if the school has adopted any other method.

The court, however, said that the government school has not adopted any other way. It also said it has been providing special seating at various places in the school but