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It can be any color you like and you can change up your logo so you can tell how your video became popular! To create a watermark, first click on your video on YouTube or Vimeo and then on “My Links”. Here you can create your desired watermark.

How do I share the watermark image with friends or other websites?

You can either share the watermark image on your website or add it to your watermark image below with an embed code so all people can see your awesome watermark.

Watermark Image:

If you are interested in creating a watermarked version of your video, be sure to contact us for your free image.

Make sure to share your watermark with your friends as they are welcome to use your watermark!

Also, be sure to see more great watermarked videos and photos, check the gallery.
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What is the best way or trick to create a simple WordPress website? I always thought that it was easy but not very good. I did not even consider creating a theme. When I saw something on the website is amazing and it has a lot of options. I was not very pleased about this at first but this is the best way to create a WordPress website. So lets get started.

What you need

A WordPress theme

A WordPress WordPress theme is an application that hosts files on your server and lets you customize WordPress. This theme is for personal and commercial websites. It comes with the ability to make your WordPress website look awesome. Here are 3 options to create a WordPress theme

Themes like WooCommerce or Magento theme –

These are

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