How can I print photos for free? – Make Money Taking Pictures With Your Phone

You can print photos for free if you create a photo account on the WordPress blog using WordPress Photographer and WordPress Albums. You can use photos in your own posts and articles, as well as in your own pages and admin. Additionally, you can embed your photos directly in other WordPress and Blogger content.

How do I add photo effects to my posts?

Add photo effects to your blog posts (e.g. add light-on-dark, change background color, lighten an image, etc.) with the Photo Effects add-on.

Does WordPress support embedding images?

Yes. WordPress can do that through the HTML5 player and WordPress Gallery plugin.

Can I embed multiple images to my post or article?

Yes. That’s why we have separate AddToCart and AddToPage functionality for separate post and article products.

Does WordPress support external sites?

We have integrated a plugin to integrate WordPress images for external sites using our embedded WordPress Gallery plugin.

Can I use my own images?

Yes. We support WordPress image and text embedding so you can use images in text and images and post and article text together. We also make it easy to make individual images or text posts or articles that embed your images. If you have multiple images you can use their respective folders for the images or text. You can easily edit each image and tag the text so it’s easy for you to search and browse the images.

Can I use my own pictures?

Yes! They’re easy to embed into text, images, post and article posts or articles.
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Can I make personal posts?

You can have personal posts on your blog. This means you don’t need to ask permission to use some of your own images for your personal blog post. You can just make a post with your image, text and tags, and when the post is published the public is invited to add photos to the post.

Can I edit an image or title for a post or article on your blog?

Yes. If you edit a title for your post or article on your blog you can include images and titles in the post or article that you’re publishing. Editing an image or title is done via the Image Manager add-in.

Can I embed a logo, logo illustration or logo message in a post on my blog?

No. Your own logo art is used on your blog posts but we aren’t supporting

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