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How can I make custom prints?

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What types of prints do you offer?

A Canadian police force is investigating after an 18-year-old man was shot by Toronto police officers. One of the officers was also injured, but is expected to survive.

According to the Toronto Star, the shooting took place when a 22-year-old Toronto man stopped a stolen Chevrolet Impala, police said, and began pointing a firearm at the driver.

When the officers tried to pull the driver over at a nearby intersection, he accelerated and “tried to ram the police cruiser with his car,” police said.

The man shot by responding officers in Toronto was treated by paramedics before being transferred to hospital. He is now in stable condition.

The suspects involved in the shooting are still on the run, said police.

You might have heard that this year, a team of “digital anthropologists” are going to be mapping and documenting the lives, movements and histories of the people of the Arctic and Antarctic. The idea is to put a stop to what they call “the myth of polar bear extinction” and to give us a better idea of those magnificent beasts than anyone else in the world.

That’s a tough sell to most. For a start, the “polar bear” has little to do with the Arctic-black bears of Canada. The word actually refers to a huge, extremely rare and beautiful creature which dwells in the far north of Canada, only a few hundred kilometres from the United States. In fact, to the most common American mind “polar bear” just means that it lives in the arctic, just as “snow bear” means that it lives in the snow. “Polar bears” are the northernmost of the bear species: the “mammals from the Arctic” – and the animals’ name is derived from the Greek for “land of the bear”.

A polar bear living at sea, in the icy waters of the north

But if you take away those differences, the name has become a bit less scientific as well as more of a word that can describe the animal. Polar bears are known as the most “fossil” inhabitants of earth, so there’s even a popular Wikipedia definition: “a species endemic to the Arctic Ocean”, one of the few places on Earth where fossil remains of the original species are known.

There are actually 10 polar bears

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