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Kanar is a city in southern India, situated on the Arabian Sea between two Indian states, Jammu and Ladakh.

For several hundred years it has been the seat of the Indian parliament, and remains the only Hindu capital. The city also boasts an important port, and the headquarters of the Indian Intelligence Service which is the Indian counterpart to the CIA. Kanar is also home to the Indian Army’s Commandos.

Kanar is also an archaeological site, home to ancient buildings and structures that date back to the 5th Century BC, and contain ancient and medieval monuments such as a Roman amphitheatre and temples.

Kanar is connected to the eastern states of Jammu and Ladakh by the Ravi River and the Karimabad-Arki road, and to the western states, Kashmir and Rajasthan by the Ganges-Dravida-Amravati road. It was also a major railway hub.

What is Kanar?

The city centre of Kanar

The city centre of Kanar dates back to 5th century BC, and was the seat of Hindu kings. One of the most prominent temples is the Satya-Varna or Satya-Hindu temple. It is located near a well-preserved royal temple and two ancient Indian structures, the Amman-mahad (or Mihrab-Mahaday) or the Amman-lodh-Hindu temple, and the Mahada-Varna or Mahada-hindu temple.

Kanar was the first capital of Jammu and Kashmir from 569 BC to 573 BC, and the first capital in Indian history.

Other sites in Karimabad-Arki

The Ganga runs through Karimabadar-Arki

Karimabadar-Arki is a two mile (3.5 km) long stone road, running through the ancient fort of Karimabadar-Arki. The road is built on the bottom, which has served as the seat of the Indian government since 653 BC. It also served as the highway for the ancient Hindu Ghaggar and Jats, and later for the Chinese in Karimabadar-Arki between 1290 and 1300 AD.

Arki fort is the oldest fort in South Asia

The old Karimabadar-Arki fort was built in 653 BC and was

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