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We’ve all heard that you have more time on your hands than you think. Not the case, said Bill Gates during an interview with Bloomberg TV’s Steve Coll.

you’re on a treadmill, you’d be on a treadmill for 20 years,” said Gates in his interview with Bloomberg’s Steve Coll . “If you were working, that’s what would be happening right now because you were working. If you were in bed, you’d still be in bed, and if you were working in the office, you’d still be in the office.”

You’d think we could count on someone like Bill Gates to tell us the right way to organize our time in this life. He’s done it before, of course. When we asked him what the top ten productivity tools of 2016 were, this was the answer it offered us:

1. Time to market. This one is pretty obvious. Gates is, by nature, not a fan of software, but there’s no doubt that Microsoft’s Office suite provides the best productivity tool out there.

2. Use productivity. In the world of digital goods, Microsoft Office has a long record of providing tools for developers. With Office, Microsoft has the platform to deliver these tools and the tools to help users actually use those tools.

3. Learn what works with the people you’re with. The same applies to LinkedIn, Apple’s Productivity app, Google’s Drive, etc. This is key, because Microsoft knows which technologies will resonate with a particular demographic. Its productivity tools can be used by anyone, anytime, for any purpose.

4. Work well with others. This is the most subtle of productivity products, but one of my pet peeves. The way I see it, a lot of the productivity tools out there look like a productivity suite, and that’s great. But, in reality, if you aren’t working with others, you’re wasting more time. So, we suggest you stick to productivity. If, after spending your money on productivity

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