How can I make $100 a day online? – Macrostock

You can find a listing for $100/hour using Search Engine Pro for a free trial.

If your business is listed on one of the best local sites, you can easily sell the listing for less than $10. Many of them allow buyers in any of thousands of cities worldwide to pay in bitcoin.

The $10 fee doesn’t seem low so much as unrealistic. But you can make $500/hour by listing your service on a couple of well-regarded sites. I’ve got plenty more tips around those two topics in my next post.

If you would like to hear more about my online entrepreneurship project, I just interviewed the founder of a new online service in my upcoming podcast with author James Clear. Click here to view it now.

How do I make some of my clients or clients of friends more money?

This comes down to how many people know about your brand, and how valuable that information is.

Here are a few ways to make your job much easier:

1. List your services and services of anyone on your site to get referrals and customers.
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2. Offer a special discount for anyone who lists on your site (I’m looking at you, Google!)

3. Post your list to other sites and networks if you’re willing to share the link. If someone on your network can contact you directly, they’ll see the link and click on it. That’ll add another step to the sale.

4. Offer a product for free that you’ll give away for free on your website. It’ll show people you’re serious. Get them to sign up.

5. Use an affiliate link to list your services. People link to you and buy from you to support your business. Give away a bonus with every sale — if you’re a successful affiliate, then you’ll bring in sales that you wouldn’t have even if you’d just had a simple website.

6. Sell it for a discounted price and get a small cut of each purchase. Your customers don’t normally see it when they’re ordering. Keep the customer in the loop by sending them a notification on their phone each month.

7. Try charging extra for customer service. In fact, I always suggest you try at least four or five levels for free. Offer people a small discount if they take over a service by adding their email address to the customer list. It’ll help build loyalty and trust.

Here are some more tips

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