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Flickr has no control over the images that you upload to its site. We rely on a variety of algorithms, including an automated selection by a team of human moderators, to judge whether the images are relevant to the interests of users of the site.

I’m not sure why it’s important to keep the contents of photos private.

You should only be worried if your photo has been used in a way that harms the reputation of others or if Flickr is the source of the image in question. If you have posted a story, a photograph, or even an image of your own with other people’s names or logos, please notify us ([email protected]) and we’ll help remove it.

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The New York Jets have released free safety Ahmad Rashad Johnson, according to the team, which could happen on Sunday after the team’s Sunday Night Football contest with the Oakland Raiders.

The Jets are expected to promote safety Jeron Johnson from the practice squad to their active roster after his release, according to a source.

The Jets previously waived and claimed Rashad Johnson on Sunday, and on Sunday, released the 27-year-old veteran.

Johnson’s last regular-season appearance was in 2014, when he spent all of the 2013 season with the San Francisco 49ers after being released by the Jets. Johnson played 11 games with the Jets in 2014, finishing with five tackles.

Johnson had a solid 2014, tallying two tackles and one interception. Johnson has a history with the Jets, however, and was recently suspended for his role in the team’s bounty program, which saw former Jets kicker Chris Coyle, the team’s former special teams representative, suspended indefinitely in February. The Jets later released Coyle on Wednesday for an undisclosed reason.

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On April 14, 2011, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Army Corps of Engineers

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