Does Flickr own your photos? – How To Make Money With Videos Online

All photos you upload to Flickr are your rights to own them. This means that as long as you hold the copyright for your photo you own it and can license it on a per photo basis.

How do I know if your photos are being used for commercial purposes?

When you upload a photo you own you will appear alongside other photos that belong to other people on the site. These photos are “liked” and “commentified” by the people who use them on a daily basis.

You can use any photo on as long as you include a unique identifying number which is visible when you click the photos or when you browse your profile. To prevent misuse a license is not required to use the photos or to re-post your photo.

Does Flickr cover all costs?

When you purchase photos from Flickr for commercial use you will be able to purchase a copyright assignment, which makes an agreement with the photo owner.

This will entitle you to reclaim photographs for use in a commercial product or as a wedding album. Your license will always allow you to re-use the images after the copyright assignment comes into force.

Does Flickr cover the cost of shipping and insurance to my location?

No, that is the responsibility of the photo owners, which includes an actual shipping agent. For more information visit “How it works”.

Is it free?

It’s free! Just upload your photos and they will be uploaded to the internet for free!

However if you are a commercial photographer, or the sole owner of the copyright for an original photo, you will need to make an initial copyright assignment before you can publish it. In this case, no uploads will be accepted until this assignment is complete and you have an agreement with the owner of the copyright.

Is it possible to edit the copyright in the way I want?

Please email [email protected] for questions or help with editing the copyright.

I found an image that’s already in my collection. Can you delete it?

You can save the image from Flickr and upload it to your private collection. This will not remove it from Flickr for the entire collection.

To save it, please select the photo and press the ‘Save Image’ button. This will save the image in your private collection and save it to the directory that Flickr gives you.

Can my photos be edited when we are shopping for our wedding pictures?

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