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What advice would you give to young artists trying to make it as a photographer? What advice would you give any aspiring photographers looking to become pro photographers?

Hi, It’s Mike, the founder and CEO of Digital Photography. I love the idea of this industry. I have so many friends that have already made it. The biggest question, and possibly the biggest challenge for any budding photographer, is figuring out how to finance your hobby. With the growth of the industry, what should a hobbyist photographer look for?

Hi, I’m Chris Stieber and I’m an Assistant Photo Editor here at Digital Photography. When I was 20 years old my dad sent me a book by John Kerekes called The Photography Book, and I fell in love with it. I’ve used it to teach photography classes, and it has inspired me to learn how to make my own photography books. With this in mind I created the Photography Book Co, a print & web store where you can purchase many of my photography books along with other photography related tools and books.

What tips or tricks do you use to get good results out of your cameras?

Hi Mike, thank you for asking this question. The first thing you need to do is learn how to properly adjust your camera settings. You can read a lot of camera manual on the web, but once you understand how to set up your camera for the exposure you want to achieve, you can focus your time on other more important things, like learning how to use the lens and the shutter speed you need. I have a whole video course on the subject here: Get the right Exposure for your lens

What are some good examples of the effects of flash photography? Is there any special reason why flash photography is considered good.

Hi Mike, thanks for your question. I have always been very interested in photography, since as a kid I was always able to point my camera at something and I’d shoot. When I started to think much more about photography, it was more interesting to see how some of the greats like Henri Cartier-Bresson did flash photography with flash and long exposure, as opposed to focusing on more low light settings like a normal lens. As I get older I see more and more people in the industry use this style of photography, as it is such a natural thing to experience, I know of at least two photographers I know from the industry (Mike Kerekes and Mike Hettinger) who use flash like a kid’s toy.

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