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If not, they can be sold on eBay. For instance, a Nikon D7000 with a 16MP camera (still from the early 1990s) came for $1,495. It’s one of the most rare vintage cameras on the market right now. When I did my photo shoot in that camera, the photo was not even very good. But, you have to consider that if you’re not buying a new camera, it’s probably going to be worth around $500, so the value of an old camera is only around $900! On top of that, Nikon actually took their cameras off of the market sometime last year.

How do I photograph a vintage camera? The best way is to use a black background. It makes your photos look very realistic, and it also makes you look like a professional photographer. Another option is use a flat surface like a coffee mug, or an old cardboard box that you don’t like to photograph, but they can still be done.

A week ago we reported that Microsoft announced an all-new Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system, codenamed ‘Pikio,’ and it appeared to be the next big thing in Windows Phone history.

Today it’s official: the next Windows Phone will be a Windows 7 Mobile OS.

The announcement today from Bill Gates, Microsoft CEO, confirmed that the next Windows Phone will likely be based on the Metro style UI that Microsoft has embraced throughout its mobile devices from Office to SkyDrive, and that it will most likely be called ‘Pikio.’

It’s now been three months since Nokia has officially abandoned the Windows Phone platform as well, and although the name has been taken off the latest smartphones that we’ve used during this period we can be sure that the platform will continue to be sold by Nokia for quite some time.

We’re not sure what will turn the next Windows Phone into a real competitor to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android (otherwise why would it still be called ‘Pika’) but it will certainly be one to watch in the coming months.

Update: The Windows Phone 8 will be based on OS version ‘9.30’ (that’s why the OS name is Pika) so the naming isn’t that great anyway.

Update II: Windows Phone 7.8.2 is now also officially released in the Windows Phone Store, and is a version with some of the new functionality that the phone maker originally announced two days ago.

Source: WindowsPhone.

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