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The best cameras that we’d want, then, are very old camera equipment. Some people even take those cameras apart and disassemble them just to make them as small as possible. For example, you could buy a very high-resolution, 8MP smartphone camera, and take a small camera module with it as an old camera module.

Do you buy old camera modules, and what do you think of the ones you buy? How much do they sell for? Do you still use them?

I have two large cameras, a 16MP Micro-Nikkor, and a 24MP Sony A7s. I use them very often when I am shooting weddings, and they do not sell very well. Most other camera manufacturers do not use these small cameras. My main problem is that they are really heavy, and the lenses tend to be too heavy.

Some high-resolution consumer camera camera manufacturers do not use the small cameras. When they have a big sale, they will sell them, so now I only buy old camera modules I can use.

Do you like the new cameras?

I do not use them at all.

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Can you tell me about the process for making custom camera modules?

You have to be a very talented person to make custom models. My father is very good designer, but he died in 2009 and my mother’s experience with photography is very limited.

I have to be able to work with people who are creative, and I always do not want to be the guy doing the designing, like a good person should. But I am very good at creating a good product.

I also have a lot to improve, and I want to make a new product every month. That is my motivation – to improve.

I also had some experience as designer and maker of 3D printer. I made a prototype 3D printer for people who did something for charity and then I created this kit. I also did some photography projects. I am very satisfied with that, though I had less of an original goal.

It is kind of strange because I spent all my life making small cameras; but when it comes down to doing something great, I have always wanted to do it with a camera.

What would you say is your favorite camera module?

I know my wife said that I bought her a new camera and she could not find it in her camera bag, but I cannot say that I could have bought a better

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