Are old cameras worth anything? – How Do You Make Money Off Youtube Videos

If they were ever worth anything, they were probably used by other people for commercial purposes, or by organizations or businesses that only used them for short amounts of time.

Are we safe if the cameras get dirty? I have a question

Unless you get really dirty with their lenses, the cameras would not have damaged them in any way.

Can the cameras take photos with an iPhone 5?

Yes, with an iPhone 5.

Is the camera safe to shoot video on with a Pentax D750?

Yes, the camera is also great to use for video.

Is the camera safe to shoot with a Sony S3?

Yes, the camera is good for video.

Is the camera safe to shoot with DSLRs?

Again, yes.

Can I get it for cheaper from eBay?

I don’t have exact pricing yet and I do not know if it is still available, but it is on eBay with prices starting somewhere between $750-$1000.

Do you have a warranty? And the cost?

Yes, there is a one year warranty (not including the shipping) but the camera does take very good care of itself. It also comes with one year of free accessories.

Are the lenses waterproof?

Yes, most of the lenses are.

Can I get a free copy of the firmware?

Yes, this is actually possible if you send the camera back to us for an exchange.

Is the camera safe for use with an iPhone 5?

Yes it is, even though on the iPhone the shutter and aperture are only controlled by the camera. The shutter is also controlled by the phone, but the aperture is not. If your iPhone is not compatible with one of the lenses that do work well with the iPhone, the lens may or may not work. However, most of the lenses that work well with the iPhone use fast lenses and we recommend them over the more common slower lenses.

Is there an optional cable?

Yes, you can connect the camera to an extension cable provided.

Do you have an instructional manual?

Yes. There isn’t one available yet (it is quite old), but I’ve read some books and watched some videos online about the various aspects of this camera.

Can I have the manual on the camera with me?

Yes, the manual is on the back and it is very long, so it

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