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What dog is the “toughest out there”?

Can you tell me one good dog for all occasions?

Can you even help me pick my family pet?

Which dog is right for your daughter?

What breed should only be bred with certain other breeds?

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Can you tell me the perfect family dog?

There are many other breeds to choose from, but I can not think of any as ideal.

What else would you like to know: What breeds do you think are most difficult to keep?

It is very important for a breeder to know how each dog is going to grow beyond a “home for a few years.” Do not use the same size at two years. Do not breed dogs that are too young to be bred.

I have heard of a breeder that breeds dogs and tries to raise both the mother and the puppies for years! That would be a wonderful breed, but I do not think is possible in a breeder.

A breeder needs a very stable environment of people who love their dogs, good nutrition, a warm climate, and plenty of exercise. Breeding dogs for the first time will require too much discipline and physical effort, and I have read on “breeding in the breeder’s lap” stories that are never true or well-intentioned.

Many times breeder “talks” are used as scare tactics to get you to change your mind. But the truth is, people can change their minds. We have all read stories, that if you start to like a breed you can never go back. But we can, and often do,.

So what do I feel about breeder “taught” dogs?

There are a number of ways to tell whether or not a breed is just what someone “teach[s]” a dog. The most important thing is whether a breed can be kept in good health by anyone who has enough experience of it.

I understand that every dog is different, and some breeds may not be fit for someone’s specific temperament. If you feel that one breed needs to be left off the list, that is up to you and your dogs. But these are often the most abused and abused dogs in our community.

Please see our site’s list below:

The Best Breeds To Avoid (and Love)

If there are several dogs of the same species that you’d like to own, but don’t want

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