What’s the most low maintenance dog? – Pet Care Business Plan

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There are three simple criteria to determine which breed is most low maintenance.

The breed is low maintenance or “likes it rough”. This is because even the most aggressive or stubborn dogs love to work, to chew on things and to play.

The breed has one of the most number of traits, the trait it likes to have. The trait is a physical feature, the coat, the markings, the nose – these are important. The breed has one of the few rare physical features that might be mistaken for the trait, but in fact it’s not the same as the trait.

In the end, low maintenance means that the dog only interacts with people like when they’re doing something normal or necessary.

What’s the most challenging dog?

Challenging is a wonderful word for a dog who is not easy to live with. A dog who’s constantly chewing, who always has to be on the alert, that’s a dog you might want to avoid.

So what to do? Well most dogs with one of these traits are very easy to live with. They do nothing wrong in their daily lives.

However in the case of the challenging temperament it takes longer to build up trust and to be confident that they can be a good companion, but they also need some time before being a happy puppy.

Is it a pet?

While a dog may be a great companion, the right people can help improve the relationship in a way that the dog will remember. Dogs like to have people around them. You might come to love the dog very much even though they don’t have a great relationship with you initially.

A dog with a challenging temperament needs good socialisation before it will be a good companion to live with, even after the dog is a year old.

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