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All walks are a specialised training program to create more confident dogs in your home or community. Every dog walk is tailored to our own specific needs, whether it’s our dogs that are comfortable in a small park or are in a house with a large dog that has a long walk. If you’re an experienced dog walker then you know this is not the most stressful environment to train a well trained family dog.

For dogs that are comfortable on their walks, then we have trained specially trained dogs, who are comfortable walking with the family, with all dog food, treats and treats, are happy all day, every day and can have people and dogs walk alongside without the worry of a stressful walk. As a dog walker we will make sure that all dogs are happy, healthy for the whole period of time with you there.

Image caption The first two were named for their owners, one of them a doctor and the other the Duchess of Cambridge’s cousin

Researchers who created a new species of dinosaur in Australia are to rename a species that lived about 65 million years ago.

A new species named Jastrowis jastrowis is said to be a close relative of T. rex – the largest of the Tyrannosaurus rex.

The first three fossils are being named after the Duke of Cambridge’s cousin and husband Sir David Attenborough.

They were found in the Southern Highlands of Western Australia, where the Jastrowis-jastrowis family has been living for millions of years.

B. Jastrowis is thought to have lived in the late Late Jurassic – the time of the dinosaurs’ extinction in the Cretaceous period. It is also thought to be their closest “ancestor” relative, as Brien’s species lived before Brien’s family.

“This is the only Jastrowis found in such a remote part of the World,” said Dr Chris Barlow of the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

“The only one that was identified at the location and also the only one with complete skeletons. It’s quite an extraordinary discovery.”

The Jastrowis-jastrowis family is among the oldest dinosaurs living today, and it is unclear what their closest living relative might have looked like, as none had even been described before.

But the Australian government has already named the first two fossils – a skull and a tusk.

The skull, called Skull II, is

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