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Your dog will need to be housebroken. It’s very common for dogs to need to be housebroken at times of the day when their owners are not at home. If you work full time outside, or live an outside life, you may need to be home when your dog is on a specific day. While it may be difficult to manage your dog if your dog is not housebroken on a given day, there are certainly some things you can do to help.

If you work outside, take care to keep your dog occupied with activities that he enjoys and are not likely to cause him stress. This will help to ensure that he receives proper exercise and is in proper physical condition. You can also consider leaving your dogs outside by themselves for a particular part of the day, or you can make sure your dog is supervised and on a leash when you decide to bring your pet out.

What are the responsibilities of dog walkers?

All dog walkers have responsibilities that come with the job. Your responsibility is to:

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