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If there is a water faucet with a filter system in it, make sure it is full so you don’t need to refill it frequently,” she wrote. And before you ask, “It is a great idea to bring a few gallon jars of baby formula, but don’t forget to leave some on the counter and keep an extra in your house to supplement your stash with when you get in a jam (it’s great to use when you aren’t quite in the right mood).

A small amount of money can go a long way. A new cat litter may cost $20-$25 a pop, but you’re going to benefit from having plenty of pet supplies for your little one – from a chew toy to a chew toy to a kitty napkin, toys, toys for kitty bedding, etc. This doesn’t have to be something completely overwhelming – your vet will figure out how much you can handle, but knowing the basics is a good start.

How about some treats? A small container of chocolate or peanut butter may work well for your baby, but be sure to use it only as a treat. While they may want to eat all that food out in the wild before your baby comes home, they aren’t going to be able to digest the taste of a new toy they’ve just eaten.

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How is a baby going to be introduced to his new surroundings? We’re all too aware that many animals will fight over the same small space, but remember – your baby is a baby, and will be just as happy taking on the world alone or with another animal he trusts. He or she is also much more active (and potentially destructive) outside than inside, so you will want to limit how much contact – and what your baby is capable of doing – that is outside.

Do a vet check and then a house-to-house check. “While this may not be the last time you see this baby, do your homework first! Most puppies grow around the house while they are still learning to crawl – they’ll be able to move from room-to-room easily because they’re not scared of people and can be handled safely. Make sure your baby is a few weeks old before they’re allowed to go out with people (they can’t handle the outside so they shouldn’t be allowed to roam without you, or to play when they want), and if they go out of the house, they go out of the house in groups so your presence won’t be felt. It doesn

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