What app pays the most?

The app that is most liked.

The first month in terms of likes and downloads is free, for the second month:

The best paid App Store apps | The best apps to help you save and spend less

“I was surprised with the app which was free, it was the winner on my first visit.”

– Michael P.


6. Facebook News Feed

Facebook also pays an advertising fee for a certain amount of time, according to a source that also works in the App Store. It will also pay to have a friend follow you to see your feeds.

We were unable to confirm this.

However it is possible that, just like Amazon Prime Music in the UK, Apple News in the US or Google Play Newsstand in Europe, users who are signed into the App Store are also eligible for a free trial of News Feed.

Facebook News Feed is free on Android, but if you are signed into the App Store you can download it for free.

There is also an app from Facebook called News Feed that will download the feeds before you even open the app. It’s a paid app: for $0.99.

7. The App Store’s latest update features an ‘Instant Apps’ category for developers

With an update that landed in the App Store, Apple removed support for new App Store features.

The update added a ‘Instant Apps’ category on the App Store that allows developers to sell a number of apps or series of apps in one app. This is a welcome news, since it means that developers will now be able to sell apps for only a fee.

8. You can now download 3D Touch apps onto the iPhone

Apple is updating Apple Music on iPhone and iPads to include 3D Touch support. It works alongside the ‘Push Notifications’ which have been updated to work with the feature.

9. Apple TV is now supported too

Apple TV was never intended to be a consumer electronics device, as many were expecting from the launch of the iPad Pro and the iPhone 8 (2015).

However, the launch of the Apple TV has been met with praise from critics and enthusiasts and is the best Apple has done with the device, since the original Apple TV was launched in 2012.

10. There was a glitch with Siri that caused you to receive a pop-up menu with the message, ‘Your session is not fully available’

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