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The best way to ensure the television is on is to use the timer on your dog’s remote control.

Can I be sure that the TV is turned off?

While I am not a fan of the way the remote has been designed, and that it is easy for the dog to use without much thought, I really don’t think the TV is turning off.

This is because the remote has a battery, which will de-plug out in less than 10 seconds. This is not the kind of protection from an unexpected emergency that you need.

Is my dog distracted when I turn on the TV?

Your dog may be distracted when he is watching TV. This is simply because dogs are a naturally drawn to motion. This is why you can expect a dog in training, who is already trained to watch for movement, but in an environment with a constant motion source, he will not automatically watch for the movement of things, such as toys or other humans.

How will the TV affect my dog’s eating?

The TV is an energy source for your dog, meaning that for the entire duration of the TV time, he is actually consuming more energy than he is saving. If you see that your dog is not eating, then it is because the TV is turning off the air conditioning, not because there has been a lack of food.

You will notice that your dog will not eat anything between the end of the TV time and the beginning of the next TV time again. This is a normal part of dog training to continue working with your dog, even when the TV is on. You can work on this problem by using the timer on your dog’s remote, although I really don’t recommend it.

You should be able to schedule your dog to go outside, to do some exercise, and then to get back inside after he has finished with his exercise routine.

When I turn onto the TV, do I hear the TV speakers?

I don’t know whether the TV is still on or if it is the air conditioning. If the television is still on, I’ll hear the speakers (I am not sure which ones, so I won’t know).

You’ll hear the “blah-blah-blah” which I’m guessing is the air conditioning.

I don’t hear anything.

The next time you turn on the TV, you may hear the sound, but there is nothing unusual at the moment.
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